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A Closer Look

We are on a mission to empower people and businesses to grow better and do greater.

Fred T. Williams & Associates is a socially conscious digital empire founded by author, life coach, singer/songwriter, poet, and serial entrepreneur, Fred T. Williams. It serves as the avenue through which Fred and his team directly serves individuals and businesses with his unique set of talents and skills that have been a benefit to many for 18+ years.

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Fred T. Williams & Associates’ key area of focus is broken down into multiple playgrounds (as we call it) to best serve our mission and vision.

We create content and offer services for individuals, for the Business-to-Business (B2B) space, and for the Mass Market. We believe that each person has the power to change the life of someone else in a meaningful way. This is why our efforts are focused on helping people become the best version of themselves. We believe the same regarding businesses. This is why our clientele consists of people and businesses that exist to make a positively meaningful contribution to humanity by standing for something bigger than themselves.



Our Core Values

These are our North Star so to speak. They guide our efforts and endeavors as a company and enable us to continue to be a beacon of hope and catalyst for change throughout the earth.

We do this for the love of it.

Our business is built on love. We love God, love people, and love doing our part in helping bring out the best in people and businesses. We are dreamers and doers who get things done, and who love to have fun while doing it.


We believe in and embrace discovery.

We know what we know and we are always learning more. We remain teachable and we enjoy the journey of growth. Whatever you want to create, experience, or make happen, we believe it is possible.


We are here to change the world.

Every act of compassion matters. We create free content and donate a portion of all revenue to Just Because International Inc., a non-profit organization founded by our CEO, Fred T. Williams, which offers charitable and humanitarian aide globally.


We don’t do or accept mediocrity.

We go hard in the paint. We give everything 120% and then some! We are intentional about exceeding expectations and going above and beyond for you, ourselves, and each other.


We sell things.

From online training programs, to specialized services, to custom products, we are proud to offer some of the best products in the world! It is our goal to have all of our clients and customers feel blown away by their experience and overwhelmed with joy and gratitude to know they are in partnership with a company that truly cares about them and is with them for the long-haul.


We give away much more for free.

We’re big on our commitment to produce free educational and inspirational content. It’s sponsor-free and funded solely by us! So please understand that when we market our paid products and services, it’s so we can continue to keep pushing out free creative content.


We think inside the box, but explore beyond it.

We embrace our limitations as we expand our limits. We know what we are capable of doing based on what we’ve already done; and we are committed to learning and growing so that we can do even more.


We measure results.

We believe in stats and metrics. They help us know what is working and what isn’t. When we know what is working we know what to lean more into. When we see what isn’t working we know what we need to adjust. This helps us develop “proven” strategies.


Trust is everything.

We say what we mean and mean what we say. We are straight and upfront with our clients and customers, our audiences, and each other. If what we offer isn’t right for you, we will say so. When mistakes happen, we take responsibility and work tirelessly to make things right.


We love our clients and customers.

All of this started because of you. You help us create meaningful change in this world. We prioritize client and customer happiness, responding to emails, and working non-stop to make you feel valued, respected, and appreciated.


We’re not for everyone.

Our passion can make us a bit intense. Our sense of humor is off-beat and can catch you at any moment. Our sense of hope is unshakeable. We’re bold and we shoot straight. We’re serious about what we do.


We have fun doing it all.

The writing on the wall: “If I can’t laugh, my attention will be less than half.”


We will not take this for granted.

We are forever grateful for the opportunity to serve God and humanity in this capacity and will never stop expressing gratitude.



The Philosophy Behind Our Approach

A common thread throughout Fred’s journey and his entire philosophy is a strong desire to help others achieve massive success in their personal lives and in their business. This is why Fred created Better Greater U, which is an online community of like-minded individuals all in pursuit of growing better and doing greater in every area and aspect of life & business. If you’d like to learn more about Better Greater U, and join this community, here’s a page that lets you know about it in greater detail.