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Fred is a rising voice on faith, purposeful living, healthy relationships, love, and brand development. For more than 20 years Fred has helped many unlock greatness within them, while enabling them to find their passion, live their purpose, and gain the cutting edge in life. He has assisted organizations and entrepreneurs in establishing a memorable presence among their target audience.

Fred believes that communication is a form of art, and he uses all of his gifting and abilities to communicate effectively across multiple platforms and through various means of expressions.

Fred is the chairman of Williams Holdings Global, which is comprised of multiple privately held companies spread across various industries.


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Finding Purpose and Passion: Fred T. Williams on Helping Others Live the Best Life Possible

Fred T. Williams is a rising powerhouse. He is a voice of faith, a mentor for healthy relationships, love, and brand development for many. Fred has worked with organizations from various industries and has used an authentic and transparent approach in helping them address a plethora of issues. His contributions have been considered vital to the success of many of his clients.

U.S. Reporter

Fred T. Williams Shares His Deep and Thought-Provoking Insights on Life, Business, and Everything In Between

Life is a series of learning experiences. There will come a time when a mistake has to be made for someone to realize that what they’ve been doing is wrong. It is difficult to know the error of our ways when we are in the moment, but fortunately, Fred T. Williams is here to share his valuable insights to the world by spreading his message through coaching, speaking, inspirational videos, online trainings, live events, and his acclaimed works.

Influencer Daily

Best-Selling Author Fred T. Williams Helps People Unlock Their Greatness and Live Purposefully

Finding one’s purpose in life can be a very challenging journey, especially because most people do not know where to begin. But best-selling author, prolific speaker, and entrepreneur Fred T. Williams is making it worth a person’s while through his books and highly relatable teachings.

New York Wire

No. 7 on LA Wire’s Top 10 Upcoming Business of 2021

Fred makes No. 7 on LA Wire’s Top 10 Upcoming Business of 2021 List.

LA Wire

Inspiring Conversations with Fred T. Williams

Check out Fred’s interview with Voyage Dallas and Voyage LA.

Voyage Dallas & Voyage LA

Fred T. Williams on Unlocking Greatness

Everyone holds unlimited potential within them, yet only a handful can truly tap into it. Determined to change the statistics and inspire individuals toward accomplishment, Fred T. Williams has been making waves and helping people unlock greatness.

New York Weekly

NY Weekly’s Top 10 Most Commended Brands in 2021

Given how saturated the commercial space has become, many enterprises have stepped up in order to stand out and rise above. Some of them have managed to reach impressive heights to generate wealth and gain fame, while others have climbed the summits to drive change and impact lives.

New York Weekly

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